Have fun and earn $$ for your school!

Board Games and More School Fundraisers can earn your school up to 20% of the value of your order.

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    Have fun and learn

    Board games are a fun way for kids to learn maths, probability and strategy whilst developing important social skills.

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    $$ for your school

    Board Games and More will offer to your nominated school a choice of either 20% of your order value as store credit or 10% of your order value in cash.

How it Works

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    Order Form

    Fill out the order form on the back of the current School Fundraiser catalogue. You can get a copy of the catalogue from your participating school or download the catalogue from this page.

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    Pay either with cash (if your school accepts cash) or online with credit card or PayPal.

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    Return Your Order Form

    Return your completed order form to your school. Remember to attach any cash payments in an envelope. If paying online, write your online order number in the space provided on the order form.

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    When all orders for your school are processed, your order will be available for pick up at your school.